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Kids self defence classes

Looking for kidsself defence classes? The search ends here At Mantis Kung Fu Academy. We are dedicated and passionate about teaching traditional kung fu techniques to students of all ages. We have mastered our ability to convey the main benefits of this ancient practise in health, mentally and physically as well. Our kids self defence classes are an excellent way to teach essential values such as being disciplined, being dedicated and maintaining inner peace. The best part about training with us is that you don’t have to be a kung fu practitioner or even a martial arts enthusiast to reap these health benefits.
With Mantis Kung Fu Academy offering second to none kids self defence classes, your children can learn this unique and impressive fighting art called Kung Fu. The style that kids in self defence classes at Mantis Kung Fu Academy learn has a long pure lineage straight back to the Shaolin Temple &Sifu Lau Shui over a 250-year period, & only handed down through a few generations. We are the 6th generation, and we use all the knowledge we have received from the previous generation to introduce this ancient art through deluxe kidsself defence classes.
Here at Mantis Kung Fu Academy, you will find the only Kung Fu training system that allows kids to communicate with the Sifu using your webcam and Skype. He is readily available for face-to-face private lesson tuitions or to just answer any questions you may have regarding the art and style. If you think children need motivation, or you would like to expand their education through a more personal environment from the comfort of your house, our kids self defence classes are the right way to go!
Give us a call, we want to know more about you and your children and tell you the advantages of learning self defence.


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