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Kung fu classes gold coast

Welcome to Mantis Kung Fu Academy, the best place to find your personalised kung fu classes in Gold Coast. We know it has become vital to have the skills to effectively protect ourselves and our loved ones, which is exactly what we teach. At Mantis Kung Fu you will learn all the techniques, strategies and mind-set to effectively and efficiently take control of any street situation quickly without putting your own life or your loved ones’ lives at risk. Over our time dedicated to kung fu classes in Gold Coast, we have adapted this traditional style to suit today’s urban environment, resulting in a fast and effective self-protection style perfectly suited for the modern world in which we live.
When you start taking your kung fu classes in Gold Coast, you will understand how your mind manages your moods, the emotions do not control the body, the body is free to express its maximum potential. Learning this ancient martial art through our kung fu classes in Gold Coast will help you a lot with your daily routine, making sure you keep your enthusiasm and energy levels at the top. Here at Mantis Kung Fu Academy, we believe in excellence and we think it consists in always having an advantage over our opponents and only a multidisciplinary approach combined with good training, is the best way to achieve it.
We invite you to Mantis Kung Fu Academy, the best place to find specialist providers of kung fu classes in Gold Coast when you are looking to increase your self-awareness of your body and mind, helping you to better understand yourself and your body’s needs and requirements. Give us a call today if you want to know more about our kung fu classes in Gold Coast, we will be happy to assist you and make sure you understand the benefits of our deluxe kung fu classes.


“Feel it is to know it, Do it is to own it”

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