Online Grading

Online Grading

Welcome to the Black Mantis Kung Fu Academy online grading system.
This is where your journey begins to become a certified Black Mantis Kung Fu practitioner & officially a student of Sifu Matthew Hansen & the Mantis Kung Fu Academy.
You now have the opportunity to move through the levels/grades & be personally graded by Sifu Matthew Hansen in accordance with the grading system used in the Black Mantis Kung Fu System, located in Burleigh Head, Queensland Australia.
To be eligible to submit videos of yourself to the grading system, you must have first register as a member of the Black Mantis Kung Fu Academy at the link provided
Become A Member
This is FREE to do.
Now you have registered you can go & download level 1 lessons or any of the other lessons available. Yeah Well Done!! It’s time to start moving forward & sink your teeth into the Black Mantis Kung Fu online training system.
Train Train Train!!!!!
For your video grading submission, you will be required to demonstrate the Form, Single hand techniques 4 times forward 4 times backwards & show your Understanding of the Application/Jong- right hand and left hand x 2 finally demonstrate the Hand pad work. This will allow Sifu to see your energy generation.
After you have practiced the techniques and you are happy you have reached an acceptable level of competency and understanding you can upload a video of yourself to the Black Mantis Kung Fu website where you will be assessed by Sifu Hansen. If there are any adjustments required to your techniques you will be contacted by email or Skype and Sifu will explain what you need to do if required. When you have practiced those adjustments you may then re-video yourself and resubmit your video of the adjusted grading requirements (there is no cost to resubmit your videos). Upon an accepted level of competency shown in your grading video Sifu Matthew Hansen will pronounce you as being successful in your grading and you will move to the next level. You will receive a personalized grading certificate with a badge indicating your current level.
After each successful grading submission you will receive an official certificate & badge exclusive to Black Mantis Kung Fu Academy, according to your relevant level. Then you should begin training to achieve the next level for future grading.
Also you are to acquire a Black Mantis training t-shirt to perform your first grading in (this is a minimum requirement), as I now considered you an official student of the Mantis Kung Fu Academy. Full training kits are also available in the shop. Be proud of that feeling of being a part of something big. for those wishing to continue training & grading into the higher levels.
All grading start from White Belt = level 1, through to Green Belt 2 = level 5. After this the senior level will commence on completion of your level 5 submission. All 5 levels must be completed individually & be submitted over time & at your own pace through the website for approval from Sifu Matthew Hansen before a student should proceed to the next level in the Mantis grading system.
With continued dedication to Black Mantis Kung Fu, Senior level students on completion of level 5, will have the opportunity to obtain an official formal Academy uniform, & have their photo placed on the wall of the Black Mantis Kung Fu Academy as a sign of achievement and recognition of their hard work and loyalty to Sifu Matthew Hansen & his Black Mantis Kung Fu Academy. You are then regarded at Sifu disciple student. This is a fantastic goal to obtain & great achievement to strive towards.
Become a registered member of the Black Mantis Kung Fu Academy (via the website) – click here
• Purchase a Black Mantis Kung Fu Training T-shirt or full training kit (for grading).
• Video yourself and upload your video to the website for assessment (via android phone or from the members area of the website). Videos may be uploaded in any format.
• Pay the Grading Fee of $70.00 AUD. (includes cost & postage of your personal grading certificate & badge).
• You are then considered an official Black Mantis Kung Fu Academy practitioner of that level; you may now begin training for your next level grading.
A student, martial arts lover or general public may purchase all the levels if they wish to do so at any time & it is not compulsory to submit a grading video. BUT the difference being your hard work & dedication is & will not be recognized through the official grading system of Sifu Matthew Hansen & his Black Mantis Kung Fu academy of Australia.

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