Bonus Har Chum Shuen June Sou

Bonus Har Chum Shuen June Sou


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Level 8 Darn Sey Moon Gang Ging

Sifu Matthew Hansen of Mantis Kung Fu Academy has all your training needs with online kung fu lessons for everyone from beginners to masters. Level 8 Darn Sey Moon Gang Ging introduces you to the ‘Guarding the four directions’ energy form of the kung fu martial art style based on the Praying Mantis. An energy that is must faster than the previous 2 levels. You learn to generate energy in 180 degree combinations, allowing maximum generation within the limited ‘fighting box’.

The level takes you through foot/stance work. hand pad combinations. single hand techniques. form and combinations for partner on partner training called Gongs. Partner training is important because you develop sensitivity.

This complete package option contains the complete level including the Form and how to Train it. All single hand techniques and how to train on pads. Partner. Bag. And the specific energy and mindset required to progress this level.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Single hand technique
  • Pad work
  • Combination/Jong

Our Sifu’s story.

Achieving Master level in 1998 under Sifu Henry Sue of the Chinese Kung Fu Academy, and because Sifu Matthew Hansen has been constantly training in the art form of the kung fu martial art style of the Praying Mantis, teaching countless students, travelling to China and Hong Kong, has become a very dedicated Master. Sifu Hansen connected and trained with direct student of the late Grand Master Ip Shui, Sifu Hang Ng. The Hong Kong Chow Gar style Level 1 Sarm Bo Gin form played properly, can take up to 10mins because of the power building, mind/body connection and qi gong understanding. As a result, this sort of training is why the Southern Praying Mantis system is so unique because the powerful shock power is unlike anything seen or felt in martial arts.

Why choose these online kung fu lessons.

In conclusion, the Mantis Kung Fu Gold Coast Academy has all your training needs met, for instance. Are you looking for a complete self defence program.? Are you needing to build self confidence and belief in yourself and abilities.? Do you want to gain focus and discipline.? Can your children benefit from essential building blocks for handling today’s society.? Are you living on the Gold Coast or download content on your computer because you are in luck. Sifu accommodates for all types of training. Direct personal training. Group training. Online Training. Are you ready for a change, because anyone with the right attitude towards self improvement are welcome.

Level 8

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