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Southern praying mantis

In the world of kung fu, there are many sub-lineages, and one of them is the southern praying mantis. Here at Mantis Kung Fu Academy, we provide second to none classes to anyone interested in learning the southern praying mantis style as a powerful self defence technique that will completely change the way they perceive themselves as individuals capable of acting right in moments of pressure. This unusual martial art was developed specifically for urban combat. It has no fancy movements, flying kicks or forms that have you running across an entire courtyard; but it will help you understand your body and mind well, and move accordingly when there you need to get out of trouble.
At Mantis Kung Fu Academy, we are passionate about helping our students achieve their goals, being the southern praying mantis, the style in which we specialise. Once you begin your journey towards martial arts excellence, you will encounter a superior number of benefits coming from you learning southern praying mantis style such as balancing mind and body and living more relaxed. Here at Mantis Kung Fu Academy you will find that these skills are learned via energetic practices of hard and soft exercises, unique to this system, which are unlike those of other martial arts. We are not new at teaching the southern praying mantis style, we have years of experience helping students achieve their goals in terms of developing an effective self defence technique for difficult situations. Trust our talent and enrol in our classes to learn southern praying mantis style so you can start enjoying the benefits of understanding a martial art in depth as soon as possible. Contact us today if you want to know the details about our kung fu classes, we will tell you everything you need to know about this.


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