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Tong long kung fu

Welcome to Mantis Kung Fu Academy, the best place in Tong Long for kung fu classes and learning more about self defence arts. Here at Mantis Kung Fu Academy we offer second to none classes on this ancient style that has been passed generation to generation in order to maintain its essence. With a lot of dedication and effort, we have become the preferred providers of kung fu classes that exceed the expectations of our students. We strongly believe everyone has the right to feel safe, and making it a reality is the main purpose when teaching in Tong Long our kung fu techniques. We have mastered our ability to keep the most important benefits of this ancient practise in health, mentally and physically as well.
By selecting Mantis Kung Fu Academy, you will be choosing a committed and specialised place teaching Tong Long kung fu according to the ancient beliefs. Once you take on this journey you can have peace of mind knowing you will learn it from an expert that has dedicated a big part of his life to learning every single detail about this beautiful art. We take pride in being the only academy in Tong Long with kung fu classes that are specialised in the techniques established by a long pure lineage from the Shaolin temple, passing generation to generation for over 250 years.
Unfortunately, we live in a society that can be very violent at times, making self defence skills to effectively protect ourselves a mandatory skill everyone should have. Trust Mantis Kung Fu Academy, the number 1 academy dedicated to teaching kung fu in Tong Long for kids, adults, and the elderly. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information about our specialised kung fu classes and how they can help you cope with daily challenges.


“Feel it is to know it, Do it is to own it”

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