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There are two distinct styles of TONGLONG, (PRAYING MANTIS) a Northern Style and a Southern Style. The Northern Style is characterised by low stances and much more leg work. The Southern Style has hardly any leg work, except for some low effective kicks and reduces the footwork to ‘stepping’ with powerful and effective hits delivered from a solid ‘foundation’.

In TONGLONG, the ‘full fist’ and knuckles are hardly used when attacking an opponent, placing greater emphasis on the other parts (side and palm) or shapes of the hand (like the ‘one knuckle’ variation better known as ‘Phoenix eye fist’) to deliver force to ‘nerve points’ and the more vulnerable areas of the body – like the neck.

TONGLONG combines speed and power into some of the fastest and most devastating hits on earth!

Dong Gong CHOW GAR Tonglong (SOUTHERN PRAYING MANTIS SHAOLIN WU SHU) is free of ‘fancy’ non-effective moves, instead it focuses on practicality, fast, powerful, direct techniques that deliver maximum force, with minimum effort, by returning the energy generated by an opponent back to its sender.

Every technique is designed for maximum power. Breathing techniques and relaxation exercises help harness the internal strength, known as Chi.

CHOW GAR TONGLONG is also known as ‘Sticky Hands’. Constant contact with an opponent through the sense of touch allows control and detection of openings in his/her defence. Chow Gar’s style of fighting is ‘close range’.

The practitioner prefers to be as close as possible to an attacker, yet far enough away to deliver effective strikes. Tonglong focuses strongly on the improvement and co-ordination of both, body and mind.

Maximum results can only be achieved if physical strength is combined with correct breathing and inner power – Chi. Philosophy is an integral part of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Wu Shu.


Mantis Kung Fu Academy (MKFA) believe violence against women should not be tolerated. Our aim is to help EMPOWER ALL WOMEN, young and old, so they can stand up for themselves confidently, be heard equally and play important roles in our community without the fear of feeling victimised or subjected to violence. This is why our kung fu style is the perfect MARTIAL ART FOR FEMALES of all ages, sizes, backgrounds, religions and beliefs.

In the hands of the practiced female, our style of SOUTHERN PRAYING MANTIS KUNG FU even in its simplest technique can be extremely capable of diffusing the most powerful or aggressive opponents. Women can learn to apply kung fu techniques using only their natural strength and speed combined with the advantage of training in scenarios confidently and efficiently. These qualities make MKFA a pure form of no nonsense, straight to the point, SELF-DEFENCE without equal.

MKFA provides specialised WOMEN SELF-DEFENCE services designed to meet the security needs of the everyday woman in today’s society. Visit our testimonial page to read about some experiences.


Specialised Womens Self Defence

If you feel attack is imminent and you have no escape route, it is acceptable morally and legally to strike pre-emotively. Observation of the predator’s body language, his verbal taunts, and consistent imposing on your personal space are all factors to consider. Often the one who strikes first holds the upper hand in conflict.

Be aware that an attacker can cross 7 meters, (23 feet), in about 1.5 seconds. This means among other things, that your personal safety area can be compromised in about the time it takes your brain to effectively realise what is happening.

If you are faced with overwhelming odds, such as weapons or sheer numbers of attackers, lethal force is justified. Although your premise for defence should not be based on killing but rather incapacitating in the most effective manner necessary in order to preserve your life. If death or dismemberment of the assailant is a result of your actions, then it is just that…a consequence of THEIR actions, not yours.

However if you can be reasonably sure the attacker poses no immediate threat to your life, lethal force may put you in the defence chair in court. Examples would be a significantly smaller and less powerful individual or otherwise impaired individual. These are the cases where less than lethal tactics may be required.

Even if you properly defend yourself or a third party from attack you still may be required to defend yourself again in court. It is a good idea to learn the Self Defence laws in your area.

The best Self Defence is avoidance. Don’t be there. However this is not always possible. Keep in mind, in court you will be asked to prove you did EVERYTHING to avoid the confrontation in the first place.

Usually striking immediately gives the best chance of survival. However you may have to feign compliance until an opening arises.

Always be aware of your surroundings, and WHO is in them. TRUST YOUR GUT FEELINGS.

If you must defend yourself, do so aggressively. There are NO RULES in a fight for survival. Only prize fighters and people killed in the street try and fight with rules. FIGHT DIRTY. NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING…IS OFF LIMITS.

Targets: Pick the easiest and the weakest. THE EYES. THE GROIN. ANYWHERE ON THE NECK but especially THE THROAT. Strike hard, fast, and strike through the target. Then do it again and again and again. Do not stop striking until the attacker runs away, you can get away safely, or the authorities arrive.

ANYTIME an attacker puts his hands on you in any way, he is exposing SOMETHING. Learn to look for what is exposed and attack it. Then find the next opening and attack it. REPEAT until you can get home safely. Your goal is not to injure, maim, or kill…IT IS TO MAKE IT HOME ALIVE. That is all that matters.

Always… have a back up plan. If you carry a gun, carry a back up or another weapon…i.e. anything can break, and usually does when you need it most. (Murphy’s Law)…If one tactic, tool, or target choice doesn’t work try another and so on until you get to leave alive.
EVERYTHING IS A WEAPON. There are 3 types of weapons. Impact, cutting, and weapons of distraction. If you can’t hurt them with it, throw it in their face and use the micro second of distraction to attack.

Use you hands, elbows, knees, feet…head butt, bite, spit, and scream. If you want grace, do ballet. If you want to look pretty, join a pageant. If you want to survive a violent assault, do whatever it takes.

Keep it simple and vicious …Complicated, fancy, and honourable are for fight tournaments and Karate movies.
Fight strength to weakness not strength to strength. If you are a lady, don’t try and fist fight with a man, odds are that will be your strength vs. his strength and most of the time men are just stronger…that’s not sexist, just a physical fact. Strength to weakness is your fingers in his eyes. Your fist in his throat. Your foot his groin or kneecap. Strength to weakness.

Never ever rely on PAIN to stop a violent attacker. Some people do not respond to pain for various reasons. You must incapacitate…i.e. take away his ability to continue the assault. Example would be…tearing out his eyeball or shattering his kneecap. If he can’t see, walk, or breathe he can’t keep coming after you.

NEVER go to a secondary location with an individual you suspect will cause you harm. Predators remove would be victims in order to separate them “from the herd”. No witnesses and no one to stop them during their assault. Even if he has a gun trained on you…DO NOT go. Fight if no other option. People who go to secondary locations are at the greatest risk of being killed.

NEVER go walking or jogging wearing loud headsets. Not only should you be able to see your surroundings…you need to be able to hear them as well.

NEVER forget you have the option of saying…”NO”. If you are not comfortable allowing someone in your home or car, or even to be around you…YOU CAN SAY NO.

NEVER let the thought of a rapist dictate to you what you can wear. Provocative clothing may “excite” a man, but it will never make a decent man rape you. Rape is more about power than sex.

One of the Key Elements in security and Self Defence is a good mindset. It is also in the mind where the battle is usually won and lost…the body is just the stage on which this battle is played out. You must have the proper mindset to SURVIVE. Don’t let fear control you. Trust your intuition. Fight strategically.

It is in your mind where the battle for survival is won or lost. You must have the survival mindset…the attitude that you will survive the attack. You must turn fear into determination to stay alive. 90% of Self Defence is in the mind…10% is physical. Wars are won and lost in the battlefield of the mind.

You must decide that you will not be a victim…that you will do anything and everything you can to make it home alive. You must understand that in a violent assault you will get hurt…then you must get over it! Wounds will heal…death will not.

You must constantly be alert and aware of your surroundings to avoid being in a bad situation in the first place. However sometimes even the most alert person may find themselves in a bad predicament. You must then maintain your focus…to survive.

Trust your “gut feelings”…trust your intuition…these are not supernatural or psychic responses…they are subprograms your brain constantly runs concerning the normal and not so normal behaviour of others. If someone gives you the “creeps” there is a reason for it…just because you cannot “put your; finger on it”…does not mean there is not a problem. Your subconscious has picked up on something that is abnormal…HEED your intuitive warnings.

A weapon without the brain is just a paperweight…any tactic without the proper mindset will fall to either luck or disaster…and neither of these can be counted on to keep you alive.

The mind is your greatest Self Defence weapon. Always have it with you!


Age gracefully through the benefits of training with Mantis Kung Fu Academy (MKFA). We provide an improved healthy outlook on life, assuring we build greater bone density, maintain continuous oxygen flow throughout the body with QIGONG, constantly limbering joints and utilising right and left side of the brain for coordination and balance through TAI CHI, which is a soft form of CHINESE KUNG FU. Practicing MKFA techniques, can help prevent broken bones (if you may fall), improve reflexes, adding higher energy levels, increase concentration and have more control over your internal functions. This is why we are unique and at the cutting edge of SELF IMPROVEMENT AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT

Only when one day we realise our youth is slowly disappearing, thus looking for the miracle cure to continue with our longevity, our ancient art form of CHINESE KUNG FU and medicine is the answer. What we offer becomes invaluable to create the body and mind to be the most powerful being (human being). This is one of many reasons that training with MKFA will enhance your quality of life/living.

It is proven that the inevitable stages of ageing can be prolonged and managed with the correct tuition, motivation, self-belief, body structure, exercise and positive mind set. Sifu Damien has been teaching and sharing his knowledge in retirement villages, with the Salvation Army, as well as helping people with special needs to live a better quality of life. He also does motivational and self-empowerment seminars throughout Australia.

Here at MKFA, we are all about positive reinforcement and making sure you are at the peak of your HEALTH AND FITNESS to maintain a fantastic HEALTHY LIFESTYLE into your senior years. Remember it’s never too late to start the journey.

Here at MKFA, we are all about positive reinforcement and making sure you are at the peak of your HEALTH AND FITNESS to maintain a fantastic HEALTHY LIFESTYLE into your senior years. Remember it’s never too late to start the journey.

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