Age is no issue, when considering training in this style. It can only make you stronger and improve your mindset. We train people from the age of 4 to infinity.

The art of self defence requires contact so yes ..this is done with a controlled contact being supervised by instructors at all times. Contact helps you with flexibility,speed,awareness,sensitivity and defence of self.

Tong Long is a traditional martial art based on the Southern Preying Mantis style. There is more information on this throughout the website.

If you train twice a week you can achieve your first level sooner than you think, as our instructors guide you through the techniques one on one. You also receive your sash (belt) when you acquire the uniform. Then coloured patches are then applied to this as you progress through the levels.

The Southern Preying Mantis style is based on the philosophy that the best defense, is attack. Self Defense is a art form and this discipline is taught for all situation to use it if you need it and avoid if you can. The style is very fast and effective.

Yes. The style has a very deep history you can find out plenty more information on the internet. We are the longest running preying mantis school in Australia

Originally from China under Grandmaster Ip Shui then Dr Nat Yeun brought it to Australia in 1958 where it has been further developed by Grandmaster Henry Sue over the past 58 years. We train directly under Sifu Hang Ng from Hong Kong who was a direct student under Grandmaster Ip Shui

Not specifically but if that is what you would like to pursue in your training goals we can certainly look at that direction for you. We would be more than happy for you to use the style in competition format.

Drink bottle and a towel. A Friend if you need that little bit of extra motivation. All the equipment required is there for your convenience.

Something that makes you feel comfortable wear runners & bring water. Turn up and have fun

Sign up through the website to receive your free lesson. Give us call and then all you need to do is make the time & turn up!!! You will feel amazing results

Yes, it is fantastic for women of all ages, providing confidence and a true sense of security. The effective skills you learn through self awareness will create a real piece of mind wherever you are present.

No experience or fitness level is necessary, as you will be guided by our professionally trained and friendly instructors.

No- through the supervision of our instructors, it is our duty to ensure everyone trains in a safe and controlled environment.

All of our instructors are fully accredited and qualified to maintain your well being and safety.

Yes. We have full public liability insurance.

No, not at all. We are here to help you meet your own personal goals and needs whatever your fitness level may be.

The word Sifu means ” Teacher/father figure”. A Sifu helps teach and guides you through the journey of kung fu and life.

No, this is not a requirement.

Yes, we encourage families to get involved.

Yes, children are an important part of our organisation, as we believe they are the building blocks of the future.

Weapons are an important part of the Tong Long system and start at the orange belt level.

Normal class times are 1.5 hours long. Private lessons vary and are catered to your own individual needs and requirements.

Burleigh Heads – 4/29 Township Drv, West Burleigh. Or find us online at for downloadable lessons

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