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Looking for a difference?
Want your event to be a memorable one?
Look no further!
GOLD COAST LION DANCING TEAM will add the wow factor to your event.
We offer you the the largest selection and variety in SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND.
Choose from over 20 lions, all with their individual array of spectacular colour,
size and styles. Included in the pride
are 2 vibrant, 5 meter dragons
and LED lions for those extra special occasions.


Kung Fu Demonstrations, TaiChi, Kung Fu Weaponry, Qi Gung and Lion Dancing are available for corporate or private functions.
Our demonstration teams are able to perform a variety of Self Defence scenarios including hand on hand combat, weaponry or group fighting situations.
For more information or to make a booking please call Sifu Damien on 0481 193 128

Mantis X

At the Gold Coast Mantis Kung Fu Academy we are proud to provide corporate clientèle with a range of products.

Team Building

Productivity is the key word in any business and there are always costs associated with this – the biggest being stress.
Stress related illnesses in the workplace are increasingly common and can be detrimental to both staff members and company image.
The best way to increase productivity is to create a healthy stress-managed environment.
We enjoy seeing family members grow together in both life skills and relationships.

A team of dedicated people trained in both Eastern and Western physical and mental techniques with the intention of improving everyday life through stress management and team building for the modern business world.

Our aim is to show you simple techniques to use in your everyday routine to feel more aware of your mind, body and well-being; In the East, many corporations will begin their day with Tai Chi or Chi Gung to acquire a more focused state of mind.

It is important to train the body, mind and soul to produce effective and consistent results;

15 minutes, daily, can help you manage your stress and create more time for yourself, therefore achieving self-satisfaction and higher productivity;

If you are looking for that cutting edge and high employee performance, contact the team from the Mantis Kung Fu Academy for customised consultation on personal or group training.


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